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User Guideline

  1. The only one reason why we exist – jupping is a right and cool thing to do; and a right thing to do shouldn’t be made difficult. So JupYeah has made it extremely easy for you to give and take. Please read the user guide below and be a cool Jupper!


    Take a picture of your old goods and provide basic details. JupYeah will review your submission within 1-48 hours and approve your listing.


    Once your item is approved, you will receive a token. Explore our items and exchange a token for your object of desire. Send a jup request and a token will be deducted.


    An approval from the owner is required. Send a jupping request to the owner, and approve requests from those who want to be the new owners of your stuff.


    Discuss and arrange for pickups and delivery. Hopefully, make new friends as well.

  2. 1. REGISTER

    Get started by creating your own Jupper identity through some easy steps. Non-members cannot send jup requests.


    Take a cool picture of an unwanted item that you want to share, upload it, provide the details and then submit your listing. The more information you provide, the more likely it will be easily approved by our administrator and the more appealling it is to our Juppers. JupYeah is not a trash bin; this is a place for happy sharing, so please make sure the things you are about to list are suitable, safe and appropriate for sharing.


    JupYeah administrators will carefully examine all submissions to make sure the items are suitable for sharing. Once your listing is approved, we will give you a token, with which you can start jupping other cool things from our pool.


    When someone wants to jup your goods, you will receive an email (if opted-in) and web notification. If you reckon the jup request sender is the most appropriate one to the new owner, simply approve his/her request, and the remaining requests will be automatically declined. Keep eyes on the requests and make timely responses. A jup request is not approved or declined within 10 days after the first request is made, the item will be unlisted. You can relist it for no more than 3 times.


    Congratulations! The owner has approved your jup request. You two may discuss to arrange a pick-up by email or phone! It is also recommended to use Post Office / local couriers for convenience. The delivery / pick-up preferences stated by the Giver on the item page should be respected.


    Pick something you want from our pool and send the owner a Jup Request. Make sure you really want it because the system will hold a token from your wallet as deposit. It will take up to 10 days for the owner to reply. Then you will receive email and website notifications. If Giver doesn’t respond in 10 days, the entire transaction will be cancelled, the token will go back to your wallet. You can also cancel your jup request anytime by clicking the button on the item page.

  8. Easy and fun, isn’t it? But there are more we expect from our fellow Juppers. As a member you must understand and follow these rules. Please read the following rules carefully to make sure everyone enjoys this platform. Failure to follow or breaches of them may result in warning, membership suspension or termination.

  9. Juppers’ Rules

    (Last update: 9th May, 2014)

    Everyone at JupYeah is one who cares to share, so everyone, including JupYeah’s staff members and general members, deserves respect, kindness, friendliness and consideration. As a member of JupYeah, you are expected to act and provide contents on JupYeah responsibly and abide by the following rules:

    1. Choose for yourself a username that reflects your true identity and does not infringe any trademark and copyrights. In your username you must not use the word ‘jupyeah’ or any other words or phrases that JupYeah reckons at its sole discretion may mislead users to think you represent JupYeah.

    2. You must not use mature, profane, hate or racist speech or images in any area of JupYeah (for example: username, avatar, Profile, comments and messages).

    3. You must not demonstrate or discuss disputes with others or with JupYeah in any areas of your account.

    4. You must not transfer ownership of your JupYeah account to another party.

    5. You must not use JupYeah for the purpose of redirecting traffic to another web location, including but not limited to websites, social media platforms and forums.

    6. You must keep your account information updated and accurate. An account must have a valid email address at all times. JupYeah will use your registered email to contact you when necessary.

    7. JupYeah encourages all Juppers to resolve their own disputes. As a venue, JupYeah cannot mediate disputes between members or other parties.

    8. JupYeah does not recommend members having more than one account in order to avoid confusion.

    9. You must not list the same unique item for more than one time on JupYeah. If you have multiple identical items to share, please list one first and then another only after the first one is successfully jupped. This policy is to avoid confusion and suspicion of fraud.

    10. You must provide accurate information about all listed items, including but not limited to size, measures, expiry date and condition. Members who provide false accounts of and/or inadequate item information may be subject to disapproval, membership review, suspension and/or termination.

    11. All images uploaded to JupYeah must be original and clearly indicative of all details of the item. By listing an item you confirm that your uploaded images do not infringe any copyrights. One photo should only represent one listing at the same time.

    12. Packages, wraps, containers and carriers of consumed products are not accepted.

    13. The way you communicate with other JupYeah members must be friendly and considerate. Please use common sense when giving out personal information to others.

    14. You must not send any unsolicited advertising or promotions, requests for donations or ‘spam’ to others on JupYeah.

    15. Contact information provided by another Jupper is only intended for transactions. As the transaction completes, you must not keep such information and cause, directly and/or indirectly, any kind of nuisance to the Jupper. A breach to this rule may result in offense against the law and JupYeah will immediately report to the police.

    16. You must respond to a Jupper's request and messages regarding the transaction in a timely, friendly manner in order to complete a transaction. If you fail to complete a transaction with 10 days, the transaction will be cancelled or may be cancelled before the deadline whenever JupYeah reckons at its sole discretion is necessary.

    17. You must not knowingly harass or abuse another member. A breach to this rule may offend against the law and JupYeah will immediately report to the police.

    18. JupYeah is a platform for free sharing. You must not use the website to facilitate or arrange any sort of monetary transaction outside of JupYeah. Violation of this rule may result in immediate membership termination. Dishonest behaviours may offend against the law and JupYeah will immediately report to the police.

    19. JupYeah may review, suspend and/or terminate an account when the member does not comply with any of all policies stated on JupYeah.com. JupYeah reserves the right to suspend the use of the site for a person and all username(s) he/she operates under.

    20. You must guarantee your listings are available, safe, appropriate and legally allowed. A listing must not infringe any copyrights, intellectual property rights; and you must have a legal ownership of the item.

    21. Items that are not allowed at JupYeah include without limitation used or unhygienic personal goods, items that are torn, worn, deficient, and incomplete.

    22. Corporate, commercial and promotional souvenirs and goods with low functionality, coupons with purchase conditions and items that JupYeah reckons at its sole discretion are not useful or functional to members will not be accepted. This policy is to maintain the variety of useful goods available to all members.

    23. We do not accept dangerous, offensive, pornographic and counterfeit goods. Other items that are not mentioned here may as well be rejected at JupYeah’s sole discretion.

    24. JupYeah may reject items that by common sense or after group discussion we reckon are unlikely to be wanted by other Juppers. Our decision shall be final.

    25. By listing an item you guarantee that the item is available for sharing. Deliberately listing an item that is not available for sharing for any reason other than to share with our members may be considered an act of fraud and an offense against the law, and JupYeah will report to the police.

  10. Account Deletion

    We respect your decision! Whenever you want to delete your account and remove your data with JupYeah, just contact us here. Once we receive your notification, we will delete your account and remove all of your data within 72 hours. Please be noted that once your account is deleted, everything will vanish and cannot be reactivated.