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  1. Why Swap?Because thanks to consumerist economy we urbanites live with legions of unused goods idling at home, when these goods can be better used to avoid shopping. Just imagine how many people around you may find uses from your unused stuff but end up buying new ones because they have no idea they can actually ask you for them. Then imagine if we all share with each other our own pool of goods. Then wouldn’t everything be better utilised, money saved, consumption lessened, and ultimately useless mass production reduced? We swap to avoid unnecessary consumption, which over-consumes natural resources and causes unnecessary pollution. We swap to be good to each other’s pocket. We swap to save the environment. Look around and see how many stuff in your room are rarely used or even untouched at all. Would you give them to someone else who may want to make them daily companion? You don’t just swap to let go your stuff. You swap for your own benefits as well. You are invited to check our youtube channel to discover more.
  2. What are not allowed at JupYeah? To maintain a variety of useful goods for our users to jup, we have set some limits on what we accept. Due to safety and hygiene precautions, we do not accept used or expired personal goods such as cosmetics, underwear and bedding. No dangerous, offensive, pornographic and counterfeit goods please. Sorry but we do not accept packages, wraps, containers and carriers of consumed products. Corporate, commercial and promotional souvenirs and goods with low functionality, coupons with purchase conditions and items that JupYeah reckons at its sole discretion are not useful or functional to members will not be accepted. By using common sense or after group discussion, we may reject items that we reckon are unlikely to be wanted by other Juppers. But as you know, there are countless categories of stuff that our fellow Juppers may submit, and we are constantly surprised. Other items may as well be rejected at JupYeah’s sole discretion. For more details, please check our Terms of Use and User Guide.
  3. How long does it take to get my listing approved? Most of the time, your listing will be either examined within 1-48 hours. Our administrators take turn to examine items to make sure they are in the pool as soon as possible.
  4. Can I unlist an item? Yes, you can! Simply go to the page of your item and you will find the ‘CANCEL LISTING’ button. Click it and then ‘CONFIRM TO CANCEL LISTING’, and then it’s gone. Be reminded that unlisting an item will cost you a token.
  5. Can I edit an item? Yes, you can! Simply go to the page of your item and you will find the ‘EDIT ITEM’ button. Click it and you are welcome to revise the details. Clic the image and you edit the image as well. Click submit when you are done, and our administrator will go through your edits before putting it back in the pool again.
  6. Can I repost an item? You can repost an expired item for 3 times. Head to the ‘Expired’ tab on your profile page and then open the item. Click ‘repost’ and confirm it. If no users are jupping it or you aren’t responding to any jup requests in the third round, the item will be unlisted and cannot be reposted.
  7. Why is my item expired? Starting from 9th May 2014, a listing is only available for 14 days. If it receives no jup request within 14 days, the item will be unlisted and fall to the ‘Expired’ tab. If the item has received a jup request but the owner does not approve or decline it within 10 days after the date of receiving such request, the item will be automatically unlisted. You will find these unlisted items in the ‘Expired’ tab, and each can be reposted for no more than 3 times.
  8. How should I arrange a pick-up or delivery? No matter whether you are the giver or taker, we recommend you to contact each other as soon as possible with contact information listed on the related item page. We expect Juppers to negotiate in a friendly and considerate manner. If you fail to agree on a time or a place, it is recommended to deliver by post.
  9. I can't reach an agreement with the giver/taker, what should I do? Always contact us and let us cancel the transaction to refund the token; and more importantly, by letting us know what is going on you are helping us to give other members appropriate reminders and guideline, and to make JupYeah a better sharing platform.
  10. I sent a jup request but the owner is not responding. What should I do? If the owner doesn’t respond to your jup request within 10 days, the transaction will be cancelled. You will have the token back, and the item will be unlisted. If you want to cancel your jup request within the period of time, simply go to the item page and click the ‘CANCEL JUP REQUEST’ button.
  11. Can I donate my stuff to JupYeah instead of sharing on the platform? We recommend you to resell to second-hand shops to support Hong Kong’s local recycling businesses. If you wish to let JUPYEAH take your stuff, tell us what they are, and we will provide collection services on a paid basis. Collected items may be uploaded to our website, donated to charity organisations or be used by JupYeah for other purposes.
  12. There are more than 1 jupper requesting to jup my item. How should I decide whom to pick? It is completely up to you! We don't believe in first-come-first-serve because we believe an owner has the right to decide who is the best owner of his/her used goods. We, however, recommend you to look at the requesters' profiles and take their track records as a reference.
  13. Can I only get stuff with similar values from the pool? Forget about monetary values for every item equals one token and no more than that. At JUPYEAH value is measured by usability. Is a dusty expensive clothes more valuable than a cheap top that you can wear every day? If you are ready to let go of the goods, don’t fuss about monetary values. If you can’t, just keep it because the least it deserves is to be in the bin.
  14. Can I jup an item without registering as a member? When a user bothers to list to share an item, he or she deserves the token that allows them to get what they need from the pool. So - no, out of due respect for our kind givers, you are expected to jup an item only by sending the user a jup request.
  15. I think a particular Jupper is weird. What should I do? Use our contact page to tell us your concern. We will look into it and may suspend/terminate a user's membership.
  16. How can I delete my JupYeah account? Please send us an email and we will terminate your account, which then cannot be re-activated.